Using an electric toothbrush while fishing

Oral hygiene should be a top priority to anyone who is concern about his or her oral health. You may not like the experience with the periodontal diseases. This disease normally causes infection and inflammation of the gums. You are probably going on fishing and you may wish to have a best travel electric toothbrush designed for the trip. Well, what you should consider is having a toothbrush that is convenient and reliable for this journey. Travel electric toothbrush can prove excellent choice for you. There are a number of features that has made it increasingly common among fishermen and travellers. Of course you may want to know some of these features before making your final decision.

Features of an electric toothbrush

Electric toothbrush was designed with features which bring a lot of convenience and reliability for journeys. There are four features that make this toothbrush outstanding among manual toothbrush. These include,

Electric toothbrush travel case

Your toothbrush should be clean and protected. Electric toothbrush comes with an electic toothbrush travel case made from a composite material to protect it. This travelling case is simple and comes with different colors to suit your choice.

Size of the toothbrush

The toothbrush is designed with different sizes. Depending on the size of the traveling bag you have, you should choose the best size to fit the space available. Despite the electric toothbrush having other component like charging station and travelling case you can still find one which is relatively small and slim.

Voltage facility

Probably you may be wondering about how to recharge an electric toothbrush. Well, it is rechargeable with most standard voltage facilities. Most of them draw enough charge on their own and it is made to run between 110 and 240 volts which is available almost everywhere in the globe.

Battery life

The goodness with this type of brush is that it has a long battery life. For example, Sonicare Flexcare Plus can stays as long as 3 weeks. If your fishing trip can last for less than the period then you can be assured of a sufficient charge. If your stay is more that the life of the battery, you should purposely carry your charger along with you.

Apart from the convenient of using this type of brush, there are a lot of benefits that you can get from using it. This gives you a lot of reasons why you should choose it for your fishing trip. Of course, you would wish to have the best time to enjoy your fishing.

Benefits of using an electric toothbrush

Saves time

The different between an electric toothbrush and the manual toothbrush is that it uses electricity which makes it to be relatively faster. Its bristles swirl over the teeth at a higher rate hence doing the most work within a very short period.

Easy brushing

The toothbrush effectively removes all the plague and food particles. You would not be having the feeling of brushing your teeth over and over. You just have to apply the toothpaste and follow the recommended brushing procedures.

Thorough cleaning

It is designed to do the most work and reach areas where manual brushes may not. It has bristles which swirl faster and remove plagues and food particles closer to the gum, in the cracks and the c revices. Its motion also generates pressure that helps scrap away plague.

Soft cleaning

It has a stiff and soft bristles that would efficiently do the work without irritating your gums. People with inflame gums normally feel pain while brushing their teeth but this is common when using any type of toothbrush whether manual or electric. It is recommended to brush the teeth regularly to avoid the irritation.

Remove all stain

You are going on a fishing trip and you are likely to encounter different types of drinks and food. Some of this may cause discoloration and staining. Electric toothbrush is known to remove all this stains.

Fresher breath

Bad breath is common when people eat type of food and drinks such fish, some dairy products, alcohol and onions. It is also caused by certain bacteria or the plague in the teeth. Electric toothbrush can effectively remove the plague and the bad odor leaving your mouth clean and fresh.

Long term results

Electric toothbrush has a higher percentage of reducing gum diseases and plague as compared to manual toothbrush. It therefore leaves your teeth clean and healthy for a long time.

The electric toothbrush has both advantages and disadvantages but there are more that you can achieve from this type of brush.

Pros of using electric toothbrush
  1. It come with its own travel case for protection
  2. Effectively prevent gum diseases and whiten the teeth.
  3. It is convenient for travellers
Cons of using electric toothbrush
  1. Some people feel that their price is relatively higher
  2. A few would like to have a slim handle to enhance the grip.

There is no doubt that your fishing trip would made fascinating with the electric toothbrush. You just have to grab one and you are good to go.

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