An Overview about Bass Fishing

Bass FishingFishing is an activity and sport that has long been practiced in the world. It served its main purpose of obtaining a food. But after a few decades, this activity is now considered on top of the industries. Apart from that, bass fishing has become a sought-out game in the entire states of America.

With the development comes the innovation of a lot of fishing gear items for bass such as rods, lures, lines, reels and more. As someone who is interested in master bass fishing, your first step is more on getting a clear overview of the activity. This is also the step you will need to master on for you to become one of the bass masters in the world.

However, why is it that a lot a people are becoming more interested in this activity?

Why Many People Love Bass Fishing?

This is a popular activity among the Americans. In fact, this is the top freshwater sport to ever consider in the country. Over the last decades, the fishing industry has grown by 70% than any other type of fishing in the fresh water.

Participants are not required of being a top athlete in being a part of the league of the bass masters. To be successful in this game and to increase the chances of catching on bass, a person is required of spending more time on the water and on practicing. Even families feel closer toward each other as they indulge in this activity.

Becoming a Bass Master: The Basics

Talking about Fishing Knots

Fishing knots are essential as they give you the options on creating loops on the lures, joining lines. They allow you in getting a stronger connection and making quick and solid knots to get the lures back in the water.

With their importance in the fishing game, it is only wise to know all of the applicable knots in making a great bass fishing experience. There are a lot of applicable knots and the ones listed below are only a few of them.

• Improved Clinch Knot: It may be the simplest to tie. But, it is also a pretty strong knot. It is also the type of knot used for the purpose of general fishing.

• Palomar Knot: It also serves its best purpose for general fishing. But, it is typically made in joining the fishing line into the snaps, the swivels, the artificial lures and the hooks. It features a double wrap in the line that proves to be useful for its additional knot strength.

• Yucatan Knot: This is another type of two-line-joining knot. This knot is easy to make and this creates a good connection between the lines made from different diameters and materials. Just a reminder, you will make several attempts before you can get the fishing knot down. However, once it is done, you can tie it up quickly.

Some Things to Consider in Tying a Better Fishing Knot

There are four things you will need to do for a strong knot. You need to start it all by making a tie to be followed by moistening the line. When pulling in tightening the line, make sure that you will be doing it slowly. Lastly, always check by pulling strength on the main line.

Equipping Yourself with the Best Fishing Rod

If you want to be a tournament angler, you must know that there are two things that serve as a backbone of every bass master’s arsenal. One of these things is the rod. This is the reason why it is important for you to be equipped with the right one.

There is a wide selection of fishing rods available. Choosing from the selection is a bit complicated for your part as a beginner. For you to choose well, you need to ask yourself the following questions:

  •  What’s the Rod for? Baitcasting or Spinning?
  •  The Exact Length You Prefer
  •  The Power You Require
  •  The Type of Grip You Prefer
  •  Consider the Line Guides the Rod Have

What Presentation Will You Mainly Use the Rod for?

It is important to answer all of these questions. These are also linked to how the equipment will react when used in fishing. The answers to these questions will also guide you on finding the right fishing rod in becoming a better angler.

Determining the right type of rod to employ for your purpose is like choosing the best club for the particular shot to make. Simply said, the rod you must use will depend on the lure that you will use.

• Spinnerbaits and Buzzbaits, the best rod is the lightweight type with a length between 6 ½ to 7 foot. The rod must have a medium or soft tip that offers its medium action.

• Topwater Lures and Crankbaits, the rod to be used must be lightweight, sensitive, fiberglass, and with a length between 6 and 7 foot. The tip can be light action or medium action that depends on the weight of the lure.

• Jigs and Worms, the fishing rod must be lightweight and highly sensitive. The length must also be between 6 ½ and 7 ½ feet. And, it must be made from graphite with a tip that is either medium light or medium action.

Now that you have some overview about bass fishing, the last thing you need to include on your arsenal is a pair of polarized sunglasses. It lets you in seeing in shallow water and in helping you catch a bigger bass!